Self-Development books that changed my life.

If your goal is to strive for that constant growth, you will always be looking for self development book recommendations.

They can be useful in many ways such as providing a new perspective, or tools and strategies that sometimes you did not realize were available to you all along.

If you are new to this genre of books and are unsure where to start. These are really the basic pack of five that can change life as you know it. From my personal experience!

1- The power of now by Ekhart Tolle. 

This book taught me what enlightenment meant, and how to take the first step on that path. 

His laid back, truly peaceful writing serves more than just an anxiety pacifier. Which is really not a bad thing in itself at all.

This book taught me the importance of being in the present. What it means to meditate and to focus on what you can control. Which happens to be your own mind. This shift in perspective is very powerful.

2- The power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Just like the previous title, it is always the best feeling when a book helps you realize how much more in control you are. If you feel overpowered by habits in your life that control you, you must read this. 

He starts by explaining how strongly ingrained our habits are by using the example of a medical anomaly where a man lost use of a portion of his brain which rendered him incapable of retrieving his memories. Yet he was able to get up and go for his daily walk and manage to find his way home. Why? Because habits exist independent of memory. They are basically etched into our minds. Talk about an enlightening idea. 

He delves into the topic of the habit loop and how we are subservient to it. Once we understand that we can then use the same habit loop to make lasting changes to our habits. 

3- The subtle art of not giving a *uck by Mark Manson

I am sure you have heard of this one if not read it already. The honest, matter of fact writing is all the rage in self development these days. Do not think that this book does not discuss some very serious and concrete ideas we need to put into practice. 

It is about having the courage not to care about what people think. Even if they are the closest people to you. Perhaps a great freeing step in being true to yourself. 

4- You are a Badass by Jen Sincero.

And while we are on the topic of being true to yourself. Why not be the most badass version of yourself and finally go get the life you want?

Jen Sincero is funny, upbeat and uplifting. She also has a real talent for getting upfront with you about the universe, but also really drilling those ideas into your head. 

This book will explain the laws of the universe in such a positive and fun way. That you can actually start making some changes. 

I purchased this as an Audio book and has become my pep talk on repeat.

5-The life changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo

You may have seen Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix or perhaps caught her in her YouTube days. Marie Kondo has so much more to offer than her genius folding method. She does not tell you to limit your possessions or become a minimalist,  instead her tidying technique is about keeping only what brings you joy. Imagine creating spaces for yourself (whether it be your home, work or the inside of your gym bag), that are filled with objects that cue your brain to think happy, would not that be wise? 

This book will give you the tools to get rid of all that clutter that is holding you back. Make some space for you to relax and recover. This book is a great place to start on the path of making some meaningful changes in your life. 

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